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What is e-marketing and how to get started with it (comprehensive guide 2022)

E-marketing is: in English, E-marketing, which means the use of everything electronic, specifically the Internet, in the marketing process to achieve the desired results, and the required results here may be: promoting the brand, increasing sales, achieving direct profits, promoting a product or service, obtaining visitors For the website or online store.

E-marketing also means using the Internet in order to reach the potential or target customer, in order to achieve the highest level of sales, and then achieve the highest level of profits.

It is worth noting here that the concept of Online Marketing or Internet Marketing is almost synonymous with the concept of e-marketing, because the Internet is the main element around which e-marketing revolves.

But it is important to understand that, in both nuance and academic terms, the concept of e-marketing is larger and more comprehensive than the concept of internet marketing.

E-marketing includes internet marketing, smartphone marketing via text messages, marketing through smart banners…etc.

Of course, what matters most about e-marketing is internet marketing, and this is what we will discuss today.

Although the field of e-marketing is a relatively new field, it has witnessed great growth and development during the past few years, and moreover, it is a field that is constantly evolving, and always brings new things.

الميتافيرس والتجارة الرقمية

E-marketing is not just a branch of marketing in general, but it represents the nature of a technological era in which we live now, so there is no wonder, that you find that e-marketing has contributed greatly to the development and formation of the concept of marketing in general.

In fact, there are millions or even tens of millions of projects for which marketing means only e-marketing. Of course, these projects are based on Internet technology and serve Internet users in the first place.

This includes all the websites on the web, and online stores that provide an easy way for Internet users to buy what they need.

Of course, many and many projects on the ground as well, rely heavily and primarily on e-marketing in marketing their products or services.


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